Cavalry x Female Founders

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Female Founders!

Female Founders is the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurial minds in Europe and one of Europe’s highest ranked accelerators for female founders.

Female Founders is the fastest-growing European community for women with entrepreneurial minds. Their mission is to transform the economy and society by promoting female entrepreneurship and putting more women in leadership positions.

Just like Female Founders, we strongly believe that entrepreneurship is about great ideas, positive effects on lives around the world and taking responsibility. That is why we are extremely excited about this partnership!

Of course, we are painfully aware of the lack of funding for diverse founding teams and the thus lack of diversity amongst entrepreneurs. For us, this means taking responsibility!

The partnership with Female Founders heralds the beginning of our focus on promoting female entrepreneurs. Here we rely on two pillars: creating role models and mentoring for girls.

  1. We want to make our contribution to creating female role models, which we are doing together with Female Founders. Because we are firmly convinced that the shaping of entrepreneurial minds depends strongly on the potential for identification with positive examples. The more people who recognise themselves in entrepreneurial role models, the more success stories we will see. And this applies to the level of gender, but also to the level of socio-economic background, geographical origin, education, and many more.
  2. The next step will be to focus on teaching girls and young women about entrepreneurship. We want to do this directly at schools, in personal mentoring sessions and in the context of Girl’s Days. We want to show girls and young women perspectives and support them in implementing their ideas.

Our Principal Björn Loose and our Communications Lead Lena Ostrovskih are responsible for the initiative, with the entire Cavalry team providing active support.

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